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Welcome to my blog’s archive | Benvenuti nell’archivio del mio blog

Here you can find all my articles, grouped by category. They are all written in English and Italian (which always follows the English version). Enjoy!

Qui potete trovare tutti i miei articoli, raggruppati per categoria. Sono tutti scritti in inglese e in italiano (che segue sempre la versione in inglese). Buona lettura!


Inside Japan

Go to Inside Japan

Inside Japan – Living Tokyo!

Go to Inside Japan – Living Tokyo!

inside japan – virtual tours!

Go to Inside Japan – Virtual Tours!

Inside Japan – The Exhibition

Go to Inside Japan – The Exhibition

Inside Japan – japan contest

Go to Inside Japan – Japan Contest

escapes around the world

Go to Escapes Around The World


Go to Amazing Stories

Jack and elly

Go to Jack and Elly


Go to Mr. Fuzzy


2 thoughts on “Elly’s Blog

    1. Hi Peter! Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately this is a personal blog so I am not searching for collaborations.
      Best, Elly

      Edit: I tried to contact you on the e-mail but it failed. I wanted to tell you that now, since Elly Lakes is growing, I am open to have “Guest Writers”.

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