Mr. Fuzzy

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Who is Mr. Fuzzy?
Mr. Fuzzy is a Siberian cat born in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, on November 14, 2021. During his first couple of months, he was taken care of by Japanese staff, and then he joined his international family Jack and Elly. For this reason, he can speak English, Japanese, and a bit of Italian and French! His main hobbies are cuddles, fooling around the house, and travelling. His “チャームポイント” (charme point) is the grey chin that makes him look “surprised” at all times, but also the little beauty mark (or “mole” as his mum likes to call it) on his face. He’s incredibly fluffy and nobody can resist him!

Why “Mr. Fuzzy”?
The history behind Mr. Fuzzy’s name is an amazing one (but also a bit sad, I warn you). Elly had an incredible dog named Spotty, a beautiful long haired Chihuahua who loved travelling and followed her and her parents everywhere. Spotty’s last adventure was a road trip from Lugano (Switzerland) to Kraków (Poland). Unfortunately, given her age (15 years!) and her heart problems, at a certain point Spotty couldn’t go on anymore and became really tired, while her health declined drastically during January 2022. It was time to say goodbye to her. On January 21, Elly’s parents scheduled the vet appointment. While waiting for that moment, Jack and Elly watched the movie “Nine Lives”, a film from 2016 starring a beautiful Siberian cat named “Mr. Fuzzypants”. The next day they went to the local pet shop, met Mr. Fuzzy for the first time, fell in love with him, and decided to adopt him, choosing the name that would also remind them of their beloved Spotty. The loss of her best furry friend did not stop Elly from renewing the circle of life and love. Mr. Fuzzy became officially a family member, making his “grandparents” very happy as well.

A Siberian cat who loves travelling
Elly had several furry pets in her life (e.g., bunnies, hamsters, dogs) but she always suffered from severe allergies. When she moved to Japan and did not have to interact with Spotty on a daily basis, she noticed an improvement in her health. She knew that the only way to have a pet in her house and not suffer too much would have been by adopting a hypoallergenic one. Luckily, at the local pet store suggested by her neighbour, they had a cute Siberian cat, and it was a match! Mr. Fuzzy not only gives her less allergic reactions than usual, but he also loves travelling. In the car, he sleeps like a baby, and outside, he runs around on a leash, exploring the world. Follow Mr. Fuzzy in his incredible adventures around Japan and beyond!

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