Escapes Around The World

The Elly Lakes project was born revolving around Inside Japan (Exhibition, Living Tokyo!, Virtual Tours!). After a few initial posts about design, TEDx conferences and the like, I started talking about my life experience in the Land of the Rising Sun.

But, since I have always been an avid traveler suffering from the so-called “Wanderlust”, I also wanted to share with you my “Escapes” to other countries. And that is why this page was born! Before discovering Japan in 2016, I mostly travelled to Africa, America, and Europe. My dream has always been to visit the entire world. I dedicate this page to past and future explorations.

Countries I visited (in progress) and related articles:

Hong Kong
– Japan (Living Tokyo series, Japan Virtual Tour series, almost all prefectures)
– South Korea (Seoul, from Busan to Seoul)

– Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam)

Europe (Central Europe road trip, Eastern Europe road trip, my Japan in Europe)
– Germany (Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bonn, Nuremberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber)
– United Kingdom (London, Oxford, Bath, Horsham, Reading)
– France (Paris, Lyon, Annecy)
– Italy (road trip, almost all regions)
– Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Andalusia, all Balearic Islands)
– Poland (Kraków, Wieliczka, Oświęcim)
– Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht)
– Belgium (Brussels)
– Czech Republic (Prague, Brno)
– Greece (Athens, Corfu, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes, Kos)
– Portugal (Lisbon)
– Switzerland (Ticino secret paths I, Ticino secret paths II, almost all cantons)
– Denmark (Copenhagen)
– Norway (Oslo)
– Ireland (Dublin)
– Croatia (Split, road trip from Split to Dubrovnik)
– Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar)
– Latvia (Riga)
– Liechtenstein
– San Marino

North America
– USA (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New York City, Hawaii)
– Cuba
– Panama
– Bahamas (Nassau, Exhuma)

South America
– Chile (Santiago, Rapa Nui)

– New Zealand (Auckland, road trip from North to South)


Complete list of articles regarding my trips around the world (English/Italian):


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