Inside Japan – Living Tokyo!

On December 15, 2017 I shared on my Social Media channels the following image:


Two weeks later, I revealed the “secret” with this teaser:

You perfectly understood: I left the little city of Lugano (Switzerland) on January 1, 2018 for one of the biggest experiences of my life! Living in Japan, in the huge city of Tokyo πŸ˜€

Followers could keep track of my adventure, especially on: (Website)
Elly Lakes World (Facebook)
elly_lakes (Instagram)
Elly Lakes (YouTube)

I spent two years as a student at KAI Japanese Language School, and worked part-time as an English teacher, Media Manager for an HR agency, and Marketing Intern for a renewable energy company.

These two years were definitely tough. I studied and worked a lot, but I also traveled a lot. As a result, I passed JLPT N2 and BJT J3 language tests. I visited new Japanese regions (e.g. Kyushu, Hokkaido), then with what I called the Escapes Around The World, I have been to Seoul and South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

I met people from different countries, and I made new Japanese friends and “family”, who helped me through some tough times (e.g. at the hospital). Last but not least, I met the man of my dreams. I will remember these two years as the most intense of my life (so far!) with lots of tears, but also smiles.

Said so, the era of Inside Japan – Living Tokyo! came to an end, leaving space to Inside Japan (with contents about the Land of the Rising Sun) and a brand new life and sets of adventures. Continue follow me on my Social Media to discover what comes next!

Inside Japan – Living Tokyo! 2018 Cover:

Inside Japan - Facebook Cover.jpg

Inside Japan – Living Tokyo! 2019 Cover:

Articles regarding the experience (English/Italian):

Discover more about my Japanese experience: Inside Japan | Inside Japan – The Exhibition | Inside Japan – Virtual Tours!


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