Products and Services

In this page you will find all the products and services offered by Elly Lakes, made with love and her peculiar style: “Fast, simple, and effective”.

Current location: Tokyo, Japan

Elly Lakes is a Creative Communicator, meaning she can work on different media through diverse strategies (and more!):

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Customized travel experience

Your Access to Japan
Elly travelled through entire Japan, but also other destinations. She can organize the best trip for you.
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Photography and Modeling

Elly Lakes passion for photography went public with her first photographic exhibition in 2017. She also has a past as a model, which is something she still does from time to time.

Elly Lakes shows her style on Instagram, while the exhibition pictures are available for purchase!
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Photo Shootings
Elly Lakes loves taking pictures of everything in an artistic way: landscapes, objects, people, and animals.
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Elly Lakes has a past as a model, she can be a testimonial for services, products, and places.
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Elly Lakes passion for filming followed her during her life and travel adventures. Since she had a past experince in theatre, she also reawakened her desire for acting.

Elly Lakes documentaries show the true face of things through music and commentary.
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Elly Lakes event video edits follow the client’s needs. Amazing memories to keep forever.
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Elly Lakes appearance comprehends vlogging, television interviews, and comedy videos.
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copywriting and consulting

Elly Lakes passion for writing has been always clear, since she wrote a book at the age of thirteen and kept writing all her life. She then adapted to the new media formats.

Content Writing
Elly Lakes has experience in building websites and in writing for her own projects and other companies.
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Elly Lakes has experience in building newsletters and writes effective content paired with Social Media!
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Social Media Management
Elly Lakes works mainly on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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products and merchandising

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