Inside Japan

I spent a little bit more than two years (from January 2, 2018 to January 11, 2020) living as a student and part-timer in Japan, in the city of Tokyo. My experience is narrated, chronologically, in the Inside Japan – Living Tokyo! articles.

I came back to Europe at the beginning of 2020 due to my Student Visa expiration. I found a new job in Tokyo from there very soon, but I was stranded in Switzerland due to the worldwide Covid crisis and travel bans. I finally got back to Tokyo on October 31, 2020, beginning a new chapter of my life in Japan!

I decided that the era of Living Tokyo! was over, leaving space to a broader Inside Japan one, with the aim to narrate the Land of the Rising Sun in a more general and/or conceptual way (e.g., cultural aspects, survival kits, and so on) while Inside Japan – Virtual Tours! will remain dedicated to travel tips.


“Inside Japan” articles (English/Italian):

Inside Japan Cover from 2020: 

Discover more about my Japanese experience: Inside Japan – The Exhibition | Inside Japan – Living Tokyo! | Inside Japan – Virtual Tours!


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