Elly On Social Media

This page is dedicated to my social media channels. They are different from one another in terms of contents and followers interaction. Let’s see all of them in detail!

Facebook – Elly Lakes World

The Facebook page is where I post first! There, I do not have any limit in terms of wording and pictures uploading, so I just put whatever I like. It is also easy to organize events and then activities through the group We Love Travelling. Regarding my personal profile Elly Lakes, I regret to say that I receive too many friend requests, the majority of which is spam. Since I am a sociable person and always open to make new friends, I suggest you to interact with the page first through activities, comments, and messages. This way, I will remember you and we can start a meaningful conversation.

Twitter – Elly Lakes

The Twitter account exists since ages, but it really took off in the #JapanTravelBan period during mid-2020. Now I have a bunch of affectionate followers with which I can have very good conversations. So, Twitter is the realm of personal thoughts, discussions, and meaningful interactions.

Instagram – Elly Lakes

On Instagram I showcase a collection of the best pictures and videos I took during my trips and life abroad, so the frequency of posts is every 2 to 4 days. On the other hand, Stories are updated almost every day and show more information about my life experiences. They are also a good occasion to start chatting! Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me. The “We Love Travelling” group is also on this platform, with the aim to share everybody’s travel pictures and support each other. Contact me directly on Instagram if you want to join us!

Linkedin – Elena Laghi (Elly Lakes)

On LinkedIn I put my “real name” because it is the social media related to work. There, you can find my entire career path with additional documents. I use this social media for keeping myself informed about the job market and for my recruiting purposes. On this platform I post my life experiences, but also work related content.

YouTube – Elly Lakes

The YouTube channel contains videos of my life in Japan and trips around the world, as well as various documentaries I made, and my participation to TV and radio programs. The channel is often on a hiatus due to the editing time required by videos. But as soon as I find a free moment, I am ready to post new content. I have so much material waiting!

TikTok – Elly Lakes
I started TikTok a long time ago, when I just moved to Japan, and when it was still not so famous in Europe. I archived my very first videos, and now I just have a couple of posts there, I should work on it more. It became a bit like my YouTube channel.

Website – Elly Lakes

Do not forget that the website ellylakes.com is a valuable source information! It is the place where I write about everything in detail, which would be impossible to convey through short social media posts. It is also a repository of my participation in the media, the activities I organized (such as the Inside Japan photographic exhibition and Japan Contest), and all my trips and life experiences since October 2017. You can also contact me from the form and I will receive your e-mail directly in my inbox.