Inside Japan – Japan Contest

The “Japan Contest” was a photographic contest that started on July 15 and ended on August 30, with a total of 10 partners (shops, artists, service providers, influencers) and 28 participants (16 for the “Japan Category”, 12 for the “Other Countries Category”).

History of the contest:
At first, the plan was to make the contest last until August 12 and the prizes were offered only by Elly Lakes, consisting in cute and funny Japanese stationery items. Later, in order to give the participants more interesting rewards, Elly searched for partners who could sponsor greater prizes: First, she partnered with shops and artists in Switzerland, and later also with services in Japan and famous globetrotter influencers! With such good rewards, an extention of the date was mandatory: More people had to know about the project and be able to participate!

Goal of the contest:
The primary goals of the contest were to make my followers participate in something new, find new people passionate about travelling and Japan, and create a good community of travellers inside the group We Love Travelling! linked to the Facebook page Elly Lakes World. Then the contest became also the perfect window for emerging artists and other services to be noticed!

Dadix Comics & Manga Shop La Fumetteria a Lugano
Marco Lucchetti Art Gallery
Nada Kitanovska (Namida Arte)
Jenny Ruffa (Miyako Jenny)
Johnny Pagani (Arcsknightcomics)
Miru みる (giapponese con Miru)
Anna Tuor (BAnG! Studio)
Edoardo Pedoja (Diario di un papà in Giappone)
Trip’N’Roll – It’s Never Too Late (Andrea&Federica)
Elly Lakes World and Jack and Elly

All partners received a “communication package” consisting in posts on different Elly Lakes Channels: website, Facebook page and Stories, Instagram Stories, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal profile Facebook Stories, personal WhatsApp Stories.

Tutti i partner hanno ricevuto un “pacchetto di comunicazione” composto da post sui diversi canali di Elly Lakes: sito web, pagina Facebook e Stories, Instagram Stories, Twitter, LinkedIn, profilo personale Facebook Stories, personale WhatsApp Stories.


Japan Category
– Dipankar Paul (Japan)
– Jacques Senet-Larson (Japan)
– Paola Ghedini (Switzerland)
– Gaetano Alfano (Switzerland)
– Ruth Sergi (Switzerland)
– Sara Goesteris (Switzerland)
– Daniele Cialini (Switzerland)
– Antonella Anastasia (Switzerland)
– Giovanni Cerva (Italy)
– Andrea Nizzica (Italy)
Sergio Vitale (Italy)
– Valerio Francione (Italy)
– Francesca Fioravanti (Italy)
– Emanuela Salonni (Italy)
– Aldina Martinelli (Italy)
– Luca Masno (Italy)

Other Countries Category
– Giulia Cosentino (Switzerland)
– Sara Barchiesi (Switzerland)
– Marisa Pellandini (Switzerland)
– Susan Goesteris (Switzerland)
– Mariella Montano (Switzerland)
– Oriana Tranchida (Switzerland)
– Annelore Denti and Athos Lafranchi (Switzerland)
– Cristina Oggioni (Italy)
– Giulia Giammarini and Andrea Raspitzu (Italy)
– Gen Del Gais (Italy)

All the participants got my friendship on Facebook (personal account) so they can contact me for any question about Japan, a prize (product or service) and a certificate of participation! 🙂

Tutti i partecipanti hanno ricevuto la mia amicizia su Facebook (account personale) in modo che possano contattarmi per qualsiasi domanda sul Giappone, un premio (prodotto o servizio) e un attestato di partecipazione! 🙂

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