Jack and Elly

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Jack and Elly is a project I started with my partner Jack. In this page you can find all the pieces of information and important links to explore it.

A new project was born:
The “Jack and Elly” Social Media accounts were created on April, 28, 2020. Since we could not be together due to quarantine, which stranded me in Switzerland, we started by collaborating online. Lugano and Tokyo are 9.678 km from one another, and we tried to do our best, waiting for the day we could be together again.

The idea behind the project:
Jack and I have many different passions, some of them similar like travelling, Japanese culture, humor and memes, or acting and making videos. For this reason, we decided to join forces and voilà, “Jack and Elly” was born!

The goals of the project:
The goals of “Jack and Elly” are
Exploring new places. We are based in Japan, but we plan to travel around the globe! And take you with us, at least “virtually”;
Discovering new cultures. Jack and I already have different cultural backgrounds, which make us an “international” couple. We would like you to learn about our own cultures and discover new ones with us;
Having fun while doing it. We love humor and we always try to see life from a funny perspective, so we attempt to turn almost everything we do into something playful. We hope we will be able to make you smile while watching our content.

Articles related to Jack and Elly:


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