Inside Japan – Virtual Tours!

While Inside Japan – Living Tokyo! has the aim to narrate Elly Lakes‘ personal experiences during her life in Japan, Inside Japan – Virtual Tours! has the goal to describe possible itineraries and attractions at single destinations, with Elly’s touch.

In other words, while in Inside Japan – Living Tokyo! you may find also travel tips and pieces of information, Inside Japan – Virtual Tours! is especially dedicated to that.

Travelers have then the chance to read and see what they can expect from a travel destination and finally program their trips to Japan.

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“Japan Virtual Tours” mini-documentaries

“Inside Japan – Virtual Tours” articles (English/Italian):

Here the list of the articles I wrote for Your Japan, a website about travel in Japan:

Koyasan Japan – A Spiritual Trip on Top of Mount Koya

Naha Okinawa – The Gate to the Tropical Part of Japan

Discover Our Selection Of The Top 10 Things to do in Nagoya!

Himeji Castle – Visit the Beautiful White Heron Castle

Kanazawa Japan – A Complete Travel Guide You Must Read

Top 15 Free Things to Do in Tokyo

Zao Fox Village Travel Guide

Discover more about my Japanese experience: Inside Japan | Inside Japan – The Exhibition | Inside Japan – Living Tokyo! 


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